Joseph Glackin

'In Freedom's Shadow', the second in the series of Inspector Gloria Mysteries is published by Thirsty Books in July 2015.

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Owen O'Neill

Owen is a writer, actor of stage and screen, and stand-up comedian. He has written and performed eight one-man plays and has won a string of awards including three Fringe Firsts at the Edinburgh Festival.

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John Herdman

John Herdman is a novelist, short story writer, playwright and critic and has published 15 books.

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Dominic Cooper


Born near Winchester, Dominic Cooper moved to Iceland in 1970, and began to concentrate on writing.

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Neil Butler

Neil Butler is the author of The Roost

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Wiliam Soutar

William Soutar became a leading figure of the Scottish Literary Renaissance, whom posthumous editors would dub one of the greatest poets Scotland has produced.

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Nick Fairweather

'Exploring Raasay' by Nick Fairweather is published by Thirsty Books in July 2015. He is also the author of 'Cycling Around Scotland'.

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Alan Stewart

Alan Stewart is a retired police inspector who, after 6 hours’ retirement in 1997, went on to be the force wildlife crime officer in a civilian capacity, the first full-time post in Scotland.

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Peter Burnett

'Scotland or No', the second in the series of Alan Stewart's hacker adventure stories was is published by Thirsty Books in September 2014.

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Alison Flett